About the Mission

The Mission of Flow of Miracles is to bring the Flow of Miracles to everybody.
A miracle is an unexpected positive experience that we didn’t even dare hope for. The flow is a steady stream of positivity, joy and rightness. Bringing the Flow of Miracles to people helps heal the world. Everybody I help into this flow creates a new level of love, health, positivity, gratitude and more miracles.

A Flow of Miracles doesn’t stop with the person I’m helping, but reaches their families, loved ones', friends and everybody in their social network. Miracles inspire and uplift us and receiving them means that we can gift them to others.
We need miracles to remember our birthright: a happy healthy growing soul.

About Flow of Miracles

I’ve worked with hundreds of people in different countries to help them with my Psychic Gifts before starting my own business in 2008. I started my business as 3rd Eye Readings thinking I’d focus mostly on Reading work. During this time I also helped people with my Healing Gifts using different techniques like massage, EFT and energy therapy.

A few years later I renamed my business to Hart en Ziel (Heart and Soul), because my healing work was actually much more prominent and I worked primarily in The Netherlands. The name focused on my way of working: giving it my all and the levels I worked mostly with (emotional and soul levels).

In 2020 I renamed my business to Flow of Miracles because I started working with my True Unity Technique. The level of miracles that it creates is astounding and the new name reflects the many levels I work with. I also do more international work and in the future I hope to train people to work with the True Unity Technique.

About Me

My name is Rianne Collignon and I named myself a Psychic Healer. I use my gifts to heal people. My new technique True Unity helps create peace and balance in all parts of us. I work in many different area’s like the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, but also with the past, past lives, ancestral, inner child and archetypes.

I have had my gifts since birth and I have fought them long and hard. I had a very difficult time dealing with all the information that would come to me and the force with which I would sometimes receive it. I went through an extreme health journey with challenges like asthma, a type of rheumatics and a radioactive iodine treatment for Graves' Disease.

You can read more about me on my personal website soon