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About Circle of Light

Circle of Light is an intimate group of people dedicated to a theme for 3 months hosted by Flow of Miracles. Together they will share experiences, heal and grow with bi-weekly 1 hour meetings (7x), guided meditations, spiritual exercises (during the meeting and at home) and a WhatsApp group.

The meetings help us connect with each other, allow us to do group exercises and share our journeys. By meeting up regularly we can keep each other accountable, lend aid to each other and invest energy in each other and our chosen theme.

Between meetings members can share experiences, discuss the exercises and support each other on the WhatsApp group. No spiritual or meditation experience required. Only the willingness to grow and learn.

Watch this video to learn more about the Circle or check out my blog to see exercise examples.

Current Circle Theme: Creating Joy

Creating Joy is the chosen theme for the Circle of Light with the start date of 23rd of January. We focus on creating more joy in our lives, finding ways to keep the focus positive and to build the life we want. Everybody who wants to grow in this theme is encouraged to join, regardless of where you are on your journey.

If you missed the start date, but you feel this is the place for you, don't hesitate to reach out. I will plan an intake with you to get you up to speed so you can join in.

Start dateNone planned for 2024 at this time
End date -
Time 9 PM GMT+1/CET
Cost 420 euros

Quotes from past Circle of Light participants

Self love Circle Result: "I think more kind of myself. I notice faster when I did not think kind of myself and forgive myself easier for it. I find it easier to take care of myself in terms of spending time for myself and doing good things to myself."

Self love Circle Result: "Communication in a direct and clear way my personal boundaries to other people with a good feeling about it. Putting myself first from a place of LOVE. Taking care of my body needs such as rest and sleep time. Feeling more comfortable expressing myself to others, especially my family, regarding my quality of life and financial planning."

Circle of Light Compliment:"You have a very loving and direct way of expressing things, which I appreciate a lot. These two do not often go together, but they are very effective."

Circle of Light Compliment: "I feel that there is a change without doing much hard work."

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