My gifts

I was born with a strong intuitive gift and throughout the years I have done a lot to strengthen and develop it. I have worked with Tarot and Oracle sets, meditation, visualisations and many other techniques. I receive strong information about the present, past and future. I also see people who have passed away and other forms of spiritual energy like angels, guides and animal totems. I also noticed I could feel the energy of past lives, soul fragments and other energetic bonds (family, ancestors, friends etc.)

My focus was always on healing, because I didn't just want to tell people what was going to happen, but also what they could do to improve their situation or reach their goals. I found out I could people with my healing gift, which allows me to add energy, remove blockages and help put people back in their center of power. I started strengthening and developing my healing gift with different forms of energy healing, massage, shamanistic knowledge, archetypes, shadow work, family constellations and many different other techniques.

My current method allows both gifts to enhance each other: my intuition helps me to find what needs to be healed and which energy is necessary and my healing gift makes sure this actually happens. When I'm busy with healing work, I immediately receive intuitive knowledge about which message I need to give. My method is a combination of different types of spiritual knowledge as well as different forms of (spiritual) therapies.