About Rianne

My name is Rianne Collignon and I'm a Psychic Healer. I have had these gifts since birth and I have fought them long and hard. I had a very difficult time dealing with all the information that would come to me and the force with which I would sometimes receive it. I did not understand many of the emotions I would feel as I became aware of other people's energy and why I had to know that somebody would pass away soon.

I failed to accept myself and entered a downwards spiral of disease that ended in a very serious health situation with multiple chronic diseases: asthma, a type of rheumatics and a radioactive iodine treatment for Graves' Disease. I knew I had to make some serious changes as I had been told many times throughout the years from Above and within. I stepped upon the road of self healing, self knowledge and self acceptance.

I started to learn how to deal with my gifts in a positive way and even how I could develop them safely through several techniques that I teach today and different types of tools. I started with Tarot as a focus but build upon my gifts by reading people without focus. I also worked with reading the energy of objects and making Spiritual Drawings. I receive information mainly in 3 ways: feeling the energy of others (emotions, blockages, Guides, Totem Animals etc.), hearing what needs to be said and just 'knowing'.

Thankfully I also received a lot of advice on how to help myself through my Guides, Angels and Totem Animals. I learnt that I could help to heal myself, so I studied several types of Energy Healing, Psyche Work, meditation, visualization and I also ended up working with EFT. I started with Quantum Touch, but also work with Crystals, Totem Animals and several other techniques now to make my Energy Therapy as powerful as it can be. I also started with Massage Therapy as touch has it's own unique healing power. I followed several workshops from other people and am working more with my own Shamanistic background sinds late 2018.

In 2007 I had a long function test in which it was noted that my lungs currently are as powerful as 2 years before that test when I was taking 2 different types of medication twice daily and often prednison, antibiotics and antihistamines as well. Since 2008 I stopped taking pain killers, my rheumatics seem to have disappeared and I trained twice a week as a Karateka. I haven't had problems with either of these serious illnesses in years now.

I still struggle now and again with the damage left over from the radio active iodine therapy, but I feel fit, energetic and pain free! Late 2010 my thyroid blood work seemed to start to normalise, but in 2011 we found out that it still won't stabilise completely. My thyroid is busy recovering and it intermittently giving off hormones. Since the end of 2015 it seems like true recovery is in sight as I have successfully lowered my medication dosage several times, which sometimes sadly leads to quite some issues. Although it will probably be a bumpy road, I'm looking forward to being 100% healthy.

The last couple of years I have reached out to others, because I strongly felt that using my healing gifts and abilities only for myself wasn't the right path for me. When you are able to reach such beautiful results and help people, it's surely a waste to sit at home and do nothing. So, even though I'm not 100% healthy, I am busy working.